The Art of Transmission.

Conveying Film with Films

»The Art of Transmission. Conveying Film with Films« focuses on the history and current state of films and works of art that analyse cinema's history and aesthetics using various audiovisual tools.

Our aim is to collect, describe and inventory films commenting on films and to render context and information about this »genre« accesible on our website. A selection of these works is shown in 16 screenings in Vienna, Berlin, Cologne and Bremen. Each program consists of a screening of film-commenting movies followed by a discussion with international experts; authors, directors, producers or critics. Guests include Alain Bergala, Gustav Deutsch, Jean Douchet, Harun Farocki, Tag Gallagher, Alexander Horwath and many others.

We mainly concentrate on five fields of production and distribution:

- »Television«, which provides - at least in Germany with its strong background of Public Broadcasting -, a long abeit hidden tradition of financing and initiating movie-commenting movies, spanning a period from the 1960's up until today.

- »Experimental Cinema/Art« where movies like Bruce Conner's »A Movie« (1958) have often made cinema and movies their primary subject. This movement with its roots in the modernist idea of medium-specificity includes »material«-movies as well as parts of the the genre of found-footage.

- »DVD« and its various practices of either re-using existing material, or producing supplementary material of various genres (bonus, featurette, interviews, slide-shows, audio-commentary tracks, etc.).

- »Internet« and new forms of »user generated content«, distributed via platforms like »youtube« and »vimeo«, encompassing a wide range of aesthetic forms and approaches.

- »Education«, which was and is, primarily in France, a major force for the production of film-commenting films. Directors like Jean Eustache, Marc Allegret and Eric Rohmer made educational films about french film history during the 60ies, Jean Douchet conceived audiovisual forms to teach classic movies during the 80ies and critics like Alain Bergala are responsible for a wide range of educational movies distributed through DVDs during the last 10 years.

By gathering all these forms in a cross-referencing filmography, we want to display and expand the possibilites of artistic approaches, research and education on film-history and aesthetics.

The project is undertaken by »Entuziam e.V. Freunde der Vermittlung von Film und Text« and funded by the German »Kulturstiftung des Bundes« (German Federal Cultural Foundation) and the »Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung«.


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